Tenth Standard English Reader ( १० वी English Reader)
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Tenth Standard English Reader (१० वी English Reader)

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Entire Syllabus Covered as per Maharashtra State Board’s New Syllabus

English Reader

(Standard 10th)

Unit One : Wit and Humour

1.1 Turn off the TV !

1.2 The Rat’s Feast

1.3 An Eye opener

Unit Two : Birds and Animals

2.1 The kingfisher

2.2 Sorrows of Sparrows

2.3 Leopard that strayed into school Trapped

Unit Three : Sports and Adventure

3.1 Relishing Excellence

3.2 Courage Takes strange Forms

3.3 Climb ‘Till your Dream comes True

Unit Four : Science and Technology

4.1 What’s Gravity?

4.2 With ipad and notebook around who needs a pen any more?

4.3 The Curious Robot

Unit Five : Food and Health

5.1 Food and Health

5.2 Food as Love

5.3 Quick Fix Food

Unit Six : Nature and Environment

6.1 Nehru’s Letter to children

6.2 Saving the Environment

6.3 Mother Nature

Unit Seven : People and Personalities

7.1 On Another’s Sorrow

7.2 Speaking to Virdhaval Khade

7.3 Mai

Unit Eight : India and Neighbours

8.1 Unexplored Beauty

8.2 Help me Go Home

8.3 To My Beloved Motherland India


1. The Blue Bike

2. Who is afraid of the Dark?

3. Listen to the Mountain

10th Std Marathi Medium Question Paper set free download
10th Std Marathi Medium Question Paper set free download

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