Second Standard My English Book -Two (२ री My English Book -Two)

Second Standard My English Book -Two (२ री My English Book -Two)

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Entire Syllabus Covered as per Maharashtra State Board’s New Syllabus

Unit One

What They Say Every Day

Say ‘ Please’.

English Around Us

Fun Time

English Around Us

Do’s And Don’ts

Writing Names

Left Right

Head, Shoulders



At the party

‘A’ or ‘An’

English Letters – I



Unit Two

Birthday Songs

Answering Questions

Action Words

My Family

English Letters – 2

What are you doing?

On The Hillside

Incy,Wincy Spider

Asking Questions


Unit Three

Five Potato-wadas

Talking About Things – 1

Talking About Things – 2

Word for Word

Talking About Things – 3

Lost And Found

Tony Tinker

Can and cannot

Languages We Know

english letters – 3

Music In The Toy Shop

At Night


Unit Four

Ding,Dong Bell

english letters – 4

Helping Friends

How are you today?

english letters -5


The Farmer And His Axe


Unit Five

The Green Brigade

Garden Manners

May I…

In the Classroom

11 to 20

Numbers Up To 100

Puppy White Finds His Friend



Unit Six


The Little Kitten

What is rani doing?

The Green Grass Grew

Calendar – Months

Calendar – Days

English Words And Letters


Unit Seven

Round The Clock

Nikita’s Day – 1

Nikita’s Day – 2

Raju’s Story

How We Learn

In  The Shop

Buying vegetables


Unit Eight

Six Little Mice

My Family and Relatives


The Bear Family’s Holiday – 1

The Bear Family’s Holiday – 2

English Letters – 6

Tabby And His Friends













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