Tenth Standard Social Science English Medium

Tenth Standard Social Science English Medium

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Entire Syllabus Covered as per Maharashtra State Board’s New Syllabus



Section I – History

1. Imperialism

A) Geographical Discoveries and Imperialism

B) Asia

C) Imperialism in Africa

2. Twentieth Century – Age of Conflict

A) First World War

B) Russian Revolution

C) League of Nation

D) Dictatorship in Europe

E) United Nations Organization

3. Emancipation of Asia and Africa

A) Asia

B) Africa

4. World after second world War

A) Cold War

B) Progress in Science and Technology

C) Globalization

Section II – Political Science

5. Democracy

6. Political Parties

7. Democracy and Diversity

8. Challenges to democracy


Section I – Geography

1. Physical Divisions of India

2. North Indian Mountains

3. North Indian Plains – Desert

4. North Indian Plains – Western (Punjab and Haryana)

5. North Indian Plans – Central, Eastern and Delta

6. Peninsular Plateau Region Central

7. Peninsular Plateau Region Deccan

8. Ghats, Coastal Plan and Indian Islands

9. Practical Geography

Section II – Economics

1. Introduction of Economy

2. Basic Problems of Economy and Solutions

3. Inflation

4. Public Distribution Systems and Consumer Protection


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