For Students

  • Self Learning
  • Fast Attractive Easy
  • Portable
  • Unlimited Revision
  • Use on Mobile

For Parents

  • Internet Not Required
  • Easy Handling
  • Best For Revision in Less Time
  • Result Improvement
  • Interesting Way of Study

For Teachers

  • Supportive
  • No Tension
  • Beneficial During Subject Understand
  • Easy Facilitation Easy Control

For Schools

  • Helps In Increasing Result
  • Helpful During Less Staff
  • Customizable  with  Available Infra
  • Helpful in Dropout Recovery

Zankar is a pioneer company in making audio visual aids since 1985. Zankar Educational CDs is the only name you can rely upon. Simple presentation in effective form is our specialty. To maintain our professionalism, we are similarly keen about making our products very user friendly & simple to understand.. Zankar’s product on any counter doesn’t need special efforts to get sold. Once our product is owned by a customer, It is automatically well known in his social, and personal circle . We assure the best quality within a very competitive cost. The wide range of the products is definitely unbeatable.

Maintaining simplicity was a challenge for us. After many years of research and confidence, we have produced the product according the need of the era. That’s why Zankar is becoming more & more popular.