Fifth Standard English Balbharati English Medium

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Entire Syllabus Covered as per Maharashtra State Board’s Latest Syllabus
 English Balbharati
Unit One
1. What a Bird Thought
2. Daydreams
3. Be a Good Listener
4. Strawberries
5. The Twelve Months
6. Announcements
7. Major Dhyan Chand
8. Peer Profile
Unit Two
9. The Triantlwontigongolope
10. Three Sacks of Rice
11. Be a Good Speaker
12. Count your Garden
13. The Adventures of Gulliver
14. A Lesson for All
15. Bird bath
16. Write your own Story
Unit Three
17. On the water
18. Woods in the Garden
19. Be a Good Host and Guest
20. only one mother
21. The Journey to the Great Oz
22. A Book Review
23. Write your own poem
24. Sense Alert
Unit Four
25. The man in the Moon
26. water in the well
27. The Legend of Marathon
28. All about Money
29. A lark
30. Be a netizen
31. Give your mind a workout!
32. Helen Keller
33. Rangoli
       Language study


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