First Standard My English Book One (१ ली My English Book One)

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Entire Syllabus Covered as per Maharashtra State Board’s New Syllabus

Unit One

English Words We know

Good Morning !

Action Time

Action Song

Rhyming Words


Unit Two

Little Pup

Up and Down

What’s this in English ? 1

My Name

Rain, Rain

More Names


Unit Three

I Here Thunder

Things in The School Bag

My Body

Slowly And Quicky


A Study Tour


Unit Four

Butterflies, Butterflies

Spot the words

English Words In the Classroom

Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

Lets Speak

What’s this in English ? 2

Let’s talk


Unit Five

Hello  !

A Fruit Basket


A Game of Addition

What’s this in English ? 3

Let’s Speak

Unit Six

An Elephant

Whats this in English ? 4

Animal Alphabet

Can you do this ?

Animals We know


Unit Seven

The Wheels on the Bus

Sorry !

What’s this in English ? 5

Odd Man Out

The Big Red Ballon



Unit Eight

My Grandfather Had a Farm…

I Love Nature

We like Cooking

We love vegetables

What’s this in English ? 6


Bingo !


Unit Nine

Engine Number Nine

How many ?


Dressing Dolly

What’s this in English ? 7

Excuse me !

Who’s this ?

Busy People


Unit Ten

How are you today ?

How are you ?

About Myself

Days of the Week

Getting Ready For School


Unit Eleven

The Clean Brigade

Let’s Go !



Unit Twelve

Jack and Jill

English Letters

Tit for Tat

runs away

Little Star